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  1. Ok, thanks. There are speech to text engines in the Linux world but none are developed to the point that they are user friendly and easy to use. I'm an author and often write the old fashioned way with pen and paper. I then dictate into an STT application and edit. Has worked well. I'm very happy to be free of Windows and Microsoft, but this is a major frustration. I'll find a solution eventually, but clearly Express Scribe isn't it. Thanks for your answers.
  2. @gsp_runner No doubt you are correct. Remember that I am using Linux, not Windows. The three you mentioned require the Windows OS. I attempted to install Dragon under Wine, but haven't found success. That's why I went looking and was hopeful that Express Scribe would work for me. Could you suggest an engine for Linux that would provide Express Scribe what it needs?
  3. I installed Express Scribe on my Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) system (under Lutris/Wine) so that I could try out its speech to text (STT) feature. The program runs fine, but I really need that STT feature to work. However, when I choose the STT tab the "Enable speech recognition" check box is grayed out along with the message "No compatible speech recognition engine found." Can you help me get this fixed so I can use the software? Thanks.
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