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  1. Fred28 thanks a lot for the answer
  2. Hello, I am using an older version of the programe (4.65) and yesterday i programmed it to open automatically by opening the pc and also tried to see how i can work the programme from another pc. During the day and after the changes the programme worked perfectly. Today when i open my pc the programme opened but a message pop up saying that "software has crashedof an abnormal exception. I report the incident to the technical department through email and i am waiting for a solution. When i am opening the programme manually the same pop up displayed and the programme is closing. Is it something i can do to solve the problem? If i update the programme to the latest version the problem will be solved? and how can i update without using the programme itself? Shall i restore my pc in an earlier date? Thanks and sorry for the large text
  3. I am using an older version and i want to upgrade to a newer version. Is there a chance to lose and of my data? Is it it something i have to do or just to update to a newer version? Thanks
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