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  1. I am running Debut Pro which is a fully paid version Debut professional V6.00 currently running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I have tried to find someone with a similar problem but not able to find.. Playing around with the software for a good while now and cannot correct it. When starting the program you have a copy of the Debut screen in the middle of the window. The problem is the window is Black, and cannot see the screen I want to record, so setting up colour and video effects is not possible as there is nothing to monitor other than a black screen. Yes everything records fine its just this annoying black screen that doesn't allow you to set brightness, colour, video Filter.. all that happens when you use these sliders or the filter is changes the black screen lighter or darker, no screen to tell how the effects look unless you record a test piece and playback. Thanks in advance for any help on this annoying problem, What am I doing wrong?⚠️
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