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  1. There is nothing way down the timeline. I've checked multiple ways, including what you suggested. The first time this happened, it added almost 3 minutes of space. So I then re-rendered it a second time and it added over 6 minutes. It's done this the passed 3 or 4 weeks, and last night it added over 8 minutes, and these are all different projects. When I take these videos and put them back in the editor, I can remove the extra space, re-render it again and it comes out fine. Also, I have tried the "close gap in sequence" and again, there's nothing there, it isn't clickable. Jason
  2. I went through the first 5 or 6 pages and didn't see anything like the issue I'm having, so if this is a common problem that people are tired of addressing, I apologize. I have v10.36 and ever since an update recently, half my videos are having up to 8 minutes of empty video space added at the end during the rendering process. So then I have to load that newly rendered file back into the editor, crop off the empty space and re-render it. It's never done this before and I haven't changed how I do anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jason
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