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  1. Hi, I had many problems with the latest version, not with the older one (7.04). When I boosted the speed the image and sound were not syncrhonized anymore. The problem was solved by downloading a previous version. I don't think that the problem I had should be my responsibility to solve. If NCH has created a new version of Express Scribe that doesn't work properly on certain computers, it's the company's responsibility to solve the problem like creating a patch to the new version that would suit all computers. I can't imagine how many people had the same problem than me (my friend did) but won't have the time/idea/courage to address the problem to the company. As a result, some people payed $35 US for a software that won't work properly. Even worse : they may buy a new computer so it matches with ES's latest version. It's unacceptable. So guys, if you encounter the same problem than me (when boosting the speed, sound and image are note syncrhonized anymore), write to https://www.nch.com.au/scribe/support.html and chose the last topic None of the above answers my question. Contact Technical Support... , then write down the detailed situation and they may send you the previous version so the issue will be solved. Good luck.
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