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  1. Suggestion for rewind function in the clip viewer, and clip markers, submitted via the link above. Ugh the arrow keys aren't working now as a rewind . Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'm so over this program.
  2. Thank you for all this Nat and Borate. I will go through all these and try them out. The timeline middle bar is working also and I can now enlarge the preview area so they definitely changed something. Thank you NCH for being so responsive, appreciate it. What doesn't appear to be fixed, though, is the ability to backward scroll (other than slooooooowllly frame by frame) in the clip viewer. That is really important. Is there an arrow equivalent in the clip viewer? The way I would work would be to view my footage in the clip viewer (hence the need for backward/forward fast scroll), set clip markers (which VP can't do), set in and out points, then to drop those clips one by one into the timeline. (Then save those to the bin). Prefer that to direct timeline editing.
  3. Thank you Borate. At least I know I'm not crazy now. Does anyone have any idea when those updates may be?I am not seeing any fast scrolling with the arrow key. It actually plays faster with the space bar "play" function. Here are some basic things that need to exist to make this functional ( this is a list in progress, some of these I may just not have found yet): JKL regular and fast speed scrolling The ability to set clip (not sequence) markers The ability to set clip markers without a dialog box (as to a music beat) The ability to save clips in the bin ---and some minor annoyances--- Keep sequence video track collapsed!! It keeps expanding when I make a change. I am unable to drag down the middle bar to make the timeline thinner and the preview pane larger. ---------- I'm trying to get familiar with this program to help someone else, but without the very basics I may have to advise him to use a different program. If he has to mark points in a two-hour file, the lack of jkl capability is going to cause him a whole lot of time and trouble - not to mention hand pain if he has to scroll with his mouse.
  4. v 10.63. I don't to jump from clip to clip. I want to fast forward/reverse through long clips. Similar to JKL keys in regular editors.
  5. Possible? I don't see a way other than frame by frame. Not usable without this.
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