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  1. I already sent a tech support ticket for this last month, after paying for a support contract, but I have not heard back yet. I have tried to capture sound from YouTube, Audacity (a sound file editor and player) and from the console window. None of it is working. I'm getting silence. My microphone is captured fine, except when there is output from the speakers. In that case, my mic input is cut off, and there's just silence. I especially need to capture the sound output from the console window, for a class I'm teaching. Here's a video that shows the problem https://youtu.be/J4orCA9rvVk EDIT: When you see the numbers scrolling by in the console window, you should be hearing music. My voice is cut off when the music starts, and the music is not recorded. Here are my settings in Debut: Speakers is checked I've tried both MMDevice and Filter Driver. The result is the same (silence). In the sound mixer the level is set at 100% for Device Speaker/HP Here are my settings in Windows (System->Sound->): Output Device: Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio) Master volume 100% Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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