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  1. I'm sorry I'm such a novice at this. I've used other programs that did not act like this so I really appreciate your help. I took a screen shot with an arrow showing a clip I added. I could not get it to do this with a picture but yesterday it seems like it did it with just about anything (title, pic, audio clip). I think it has something to do with the audio file of the video. It made the audio file on track 2 split (directly below it). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kfA1m2St18_MZR22QRjX9QcN4jtVSd0v/view?usp=sharing Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I just purchased Videopad pro for mac. I placed the video on the timeline. When I add a picture or an audio file on another track and place it in line with the video track, that video splits or totally shifts to the right. There must be a way to keep the tracks from affecting one another. Please help!
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