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  1. Thank you for your suggestion which I was happy to take. 

    There is also a  problem has two parts. First, when played in a quality player the disk does not self initiate.  Secondly,  I have to open the file manually and click a track which plays but does not move automatically to the next track. Disks made with other burners have a program "autolist.wpi" appended to the disk which controls playing automatically as well as an "autorun" program which I enable before burning and appears in the disk file but not with Express Burn.

    These were submitted to Support and the reply from the support staff was a copy of material from the 'Manual" which I had already read and it did not address the above problem at all. I have resubmitted the with more specific detail and perhaps that will help. I suspect there may be a flag I have to set before burning but I can't find it.

  2. New to this burner.  Lots of experience with other brands. Have carefully read all the "manuals" on-line. No help.  How are these essential controls placed on the disc??


    There are a couple of really odd things about this program.  When I "add files"  in track order they appear in reverse order on the to be burned screen.  What.....?? I can get them in the correct order on the burn screen by adding them in reverse at the top of the track stack

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