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  1. Hey sorry for the late response, I've been super busy but that didn't fix the problem either. I guess the solution for now is how did you get that functioning file that you linked a while back, if i could use the same method that would be easier then trying to continue the hassle of this problem.
  2. The file i linked is directly from my Itunes apps folder, so it’s literally the official file for the song. Therefore I highly doubt it’s linked to an online source, so maybe it IS the DRM.
  3. The PC is fine, I play music on it 24/7. i figured out though, that when I use the file you sent, it changes the audio output, so I changed it back to my Realtek speakers and it worked fine, and when I open my Itunes file, it directs me straight to the Itunes app and starts playing the song. Don’t really know what you think of that but as far as I know, everything seems normal. And when I used Nats strategy, it doesn’t work either, the file just doesn’t allow itself onto any audio tracks or any part of the videopad software.
  4. Hey Nat, thanks for reaching out, that may work but i have tried something similar and I guess it doesn’t really appreciate bypasses because I get the “failed to load” description every time. And as for the file you sent borate, I honestly have no idea, I downloaded it and loaded it into my project and adjusted all my volume, but I didn’t get any sound still. Edit: I also need to get this on youtube I don’t want to keep my subs waiting, so I have a way to put this song in via my cell phone, but let’s keep working on this so we can have a solution hopefully by the time I’m ready for my next video.
  5. I did notice that for some reason the link I sent, the file didn't produce any sound, when for me before putting it into google drive, did, and the download you sent me also doesn't have any sound, idk if there is much more for me to do considering it's apple music, there isn't really download settings 😕
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gHHvOuNS357dJS6crsA-Uaxo0_gd-sod/view?usp=sharing Here is the link to the song I'm trying to use, all the other songs are useless to the video I'm making. They are however the same type and are having the same issue, so I imagine our solution to this would work on those as well. Again, thank you for your help.
  7. m4p No I didn’t mean to put mp4. I'm currently just browsing for a file converter in case this doesn’t work out. Update: The file conversions said they couldn’t complete the conversion due to DRM Protection… could this be part of the issue or am i way off track?
  8. Still a no-go, i don’t know if this is something to do with it but for my music i have to go to music/itunes/itunes media/apple music/desired artist/desired album/ and the song should be here, but it isn’t…
  9. Gonna be honest here, i’m not entirely familiar with technological terminology yet, so i guess to answer your question, i got a new laptop and it’s just stored under music in the file explorer, and as far as i know, I tried that but when i get to my library for my music from the directory, i click on the album with the desired song and it says no items match your search.
  10. I have a few songs on itunes I'd like to add into my video, but when I got to my music file from the directory in VideoPad, there is nothing there, but when I open my file explorer, I take the same steps, and there's my music, right there. I've tried to convert my music to WAV and MP3 but I'm still coming up short, I'm also VERY new to editing on PC, normally I just use my phone, so I could just be stupid.
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