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  1. OK thanks I'll add a suggestion, as continually opening and closing Wavepad is really inconvenient when editing. A dynamic update would be much better!!
  2. When I have edited a clip in Wavepad (from a Mixpad project), I click on save and go back to Mixpad. I can see that the clip in Mixpad has been updated accordingly (by the wave in the clip) but Mixpad comes up with a message forcing me to close Wavepad before the clip will be fully updated. I'm using the free version as a trial. The manual says that as soon as you save the clip in Wavepad it'll be updated in Mixpad. But if I have to completely close the WAvepad application every time I do an edit, that's going to be become really tedious!!! Is this because I'm using the free version? Does it work properly in the paid version?
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