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  1. Hi, I tried all those steps to no avail. Thanks for the detailed instructions. When I asked tech about this before, Gigi reported forwarding my suggestion to address the issue in a future version onto the appropriate party. I guess I'll just have to put up with it for now. Again, thank you for taking the time to write out the directions.
  2. Hi Eric, As you have probably noted, there appears to be no way to do this in the latest version. I recently received a link from tech support to make suggestions and report bugs to NCH. This needs to be a new feature in future versions, unless I've missed something and it already exists somewhere. If it's the latter, then it needs to be much more visible. The URL is: https://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/ Be well.
  3. Hi LiLi, Set system-wide hotkeys for previous and next dictations. Mine are F8 for previous dictation and F9 for next dictation. You can also set a system-wide hotkey for marking the currently selected file as done with no reply. This will take it out of the list view and select the next one down if there is one below it in the list, or it will select the last one in the list if the dictation you just marked as done was the last one in the list at the time.
  4. Hi. After recently upgrading from a rather old version to version 10.08, the Express Scribe window comes into focus every time I load a dictation from an outside source, whether Windows Explorer or my web browser. Before, if a dictation loaded and the list view already had one in it, the window either would stay in the background or minimized. Now it jerks my keyboard focus away from where I was, forcing me to alt+tab back. I'm using Windows 7 (can't afford a new computer that can handle Windows 10), and I'm using Internet Explorer (job requires components that don't work in other browsers). Most of the time I load dictation files by clicking a download link and choosing Open rather than Save, but saving the file and then opening it from the containing folder doesn't resolve the issue. The behavior in the old version was that the Express Scribe Window would only come into focus on loading a dictation if either the program was not running and needed to launch or the dictation list view was empty. This was fine by me, but this new behavior, though not the end of the world, is annoying and cuts into my efficiency, especially when I'm going through many dictations in quick succession in my QA work to fill in blanks and send the transcript through to the client. It doesn't take long to execute the extra step, but the time adds up. I contacted support via email about it, but they were not able to reproduce the steps I outlined. I'm unable to use screen capture software because I'm blind and couldn't find such software that didn't have serious accessibility issues keeping me from even figuring out where the Record button was. Screen shots don't play nice with the JAWS screen reader either, something with the software's video intercept, I think. Has anyone else encountered this behavior and been able to correct it? I'd be grateful for your assistance.
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