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  1. Resolved - Happy to say that I figured it out. One of my tracks was LOCKED, whjch caused the blue and red start and end brackets to be disabled.
  2. How do you know whether you're using a 32 bit or a 64 bit version of the software. When I select the About Videopad menu item iot tells me I'm using Videopad Professional 10.49 with no reference to 32 vs. 64. I've been having consistent crashing problems and was tempted to click your 64-bit link above but I don't want to make matters worse....
  3. There used to be a start and end bracket that appeared whenever I used the Split (scissors) tool. Up until a few days ago actually. Now I can't find that, nor do I see any other instructions or method to end my video.
  4. Check your Videopad Options - Media Tab where you can specify where to add new clips. immediately following cursor or on a new track.
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