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  1. Just to add to this. I found that if I wanted to replace a clip that is already in a sequence with a new file, all I needed to do was to right click on the clip in the bin, select "replace file" option, which will open a window to browse and select the file I wish to replace it with. When done, it replaces the sequence with all the previous effects intact (eg. pan & zoom with the same criteria), which is a huge time saver. Glad I found it!
  2. Thank Borate. I'm doing OK with all the workarounds you've shown me so far, so I think I'll leave this until it's officially out.
  3. I have managed to adjust almost everything using "position", with one exception (see below): https://www.ergo-travel.com/APICS/GreatArtCities-promo.mp4 This has been a great learning experience, thanks to you both. I've also discovered that I can also do a lot using png files with transparency, which I used in a few locations. The one instance where this was used in place of a text clip is the word "hidden clues" which appears at 30s. It was just easier to achieve the effect using an image clip from Photoshop rather than try and manipulate a text clip.
  4. Thanks. I tried doing that earlier, replacing a clip of a still image with another one, and found that the duration of the clip automatically reset itself to the standard clip length for images (in my case 3 seconds). Is there a way I can ensure that the duration of the existing clip is retained? I don't want to have all the subsequent clips shifted in time because of this.
  5. How do you replace a clip with one which is already in the bin and not an external file?
  6. Thanks! I have downloaded and installed it, but I have also checked the main download page and I see that it isn't listed. Isn't there a a way to get the latest 64bit version without having to bother you guys every time?
  7. Thanks to both of you for answering this. I'm using the 10.52 64bit version which I think Borate provided the link for on another thread. The text I am referring to are "history" which appears around the 27s mark but become very jittery from 30s onwards, and the word "townscape" which start fine around 31s but becomes jittery after 33s. The thing is, it's supposed to be variable frame rate between 30fps and 60fps so I don't understand why there is all this shakiness. I will try out Nationalsolo's suggestion first to see if it works before sharing the project. Thanks again. BTW, is there a 64bit version of the latest 10.54? The download page doesn't specify anything.
  8. https://www.ergo-travel.com/APICS/GreatArtCities-promo(w text).mp4 I have inserted some text into this video and used the scroll function within the text editor. However, the exported video shows the text scrolling to be very jittery and not at all consistent with the max frame rate of 60fps which I have set. I also found that it was really tedious to reposition the text (and in some case impossible) have not tried using an effect like Pan & Zoom. If this is possible would the panning be smoother. Or is there some other way of achieving this, eg. importing a png file of a text to be treated as an image instead?
  9. This is what I managed to export after following Borate's advice on P&Z and multitracking (some of) the clips for better transitions: https://www.ergo-travel.com/APICS/GreatArtCities-promo.mp4 Strangely, the P&Z transitions originally done using the 5.x show very smooth transitions despite not layering the clips, but the moment I click on the transition to edit or even just look at it, the problem of the zoom starting halfway through the cross-fade will then appear. I've had to cut and paste a few extra clips to an overlaying track to adjust the transitions before I stopped clicking on the rest to save my sanity and time. Ideally, I'd like to see the Zoom effect done away with completely, to be taken over by the P&Z eventually incorporate keyframing to allow for variable speed as well as automatically start at the beginning of a transition. I'm not sure if there ever will be any use of a zoom or pan that starts in the middle of a transition between one clip and another, but if keyframing is incorporated then it could always be achieved using that. Grateful to Borate for the very detailed advice. Thanks!
  10. I was hoping to avoid that, but thanks. Hopefully, one day Videopad will include a toggle to start the effect together with the transition. i'll put in a suggestion.
  11. Thanks for this. Hope they fix the zoom function soon, or else incorporate the key frames into Pan & Zoom/Burns so that it's all integrated into a single function. Sorry I have one more question about the Pan & Zoom: when I include this into a clip, the start frame is start exactly where the clip is located. This means that if I were to have a cross fade transition from a previous clip, this clip will not begin to do the pan/zoom until the middle of the cross fade, which means that the clip itself will begin to appear as a still before the effect begins. Is there a workaround for this so that I can begin a cross fade with the second clip already in the midst of panning/zooming?
  12. Thanks! So that's why the rest of the video doesn't have this problem. Just curious though - what if I wanted variable speed to the pan and/or zoom? That's what I did with the original video, which slows down before stopping. The Zoom function allows key frames and adjustable transitions.
  13. Here it is: https://www.ergo-travel.com/APICS/_DSC9433.jpg
  14. I created this video https://www.ergo-travel.com/APICS/GreatArtCities-promo4a.mp4 using the latest VideoPad but the first 5 seconds shows a very pixelated zoom which I can't figure out how to eliminate. The original clip is a high-resolution (6000x3376) image but the final video can't get anywhere near this. All the other clips used in this video are of a much lower resolution but the results are still far better than this first bit. Ironically, I had created an earlier take of this video using VideoPad 5 prior to upgrading it to the latest version, the same project file with with all the same original clips, and despite the fact that this is a much smaller file the zoom is far better: https://www.ergo-travel.com/APICS/GreatArtCities-promo3.mp4 Is there something I can do about this? Would appreciate any advice and suggestions to overcome this. Thanks!
  15. Yeah, but this was literally right under the arrow of my cursor... sheesh. 🙄
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