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  1. I saw no glitches on your v10.52 export. I cannot find a way to attach a picture to this Forum, so here is a link to a screen shot of what my problem looks like in v10.52: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KZdT1RBOPNhAFHkHAGUPLg6Cl5M5NyYd/view?usp=sharing Maybe @Steve1124 can comment if he is seeing the same transient distorted black bar across the top that I have. I will try v10.59 when it comes out so we are comparing apples to apples. Currently I can export without the distortion with v10.36 even though there are timeline distortions on v10.52. That will be my goto work-around unless v10.59 resolves the issue. When will v10.59 come out? Fortunately I was able to finish/publish/export my video so I succeeded in meeting my deadline.
  2. Just to confirm, you are using Videopad v8.45 rather than the latest v10,52. Is there a reason for testing and exporting with that version? Even @Steve1124 was using v10.39 when he opened this topic.
  3. @borate here are the files https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10Llr2ZglVhUQqAs6sfHV8kSmjMcmkP_D?usp=sharing .I hope this helps @Steve1124 When I use v10.36, I also saw one instance with the distortion on the timeline. However, it did not show up on Export. Almost all my distortion shows up in Picture in Picture Scale function when there are two video tracks.
  4. That is going to be an issue. Zoom will output 3 mp4's (Gallery view, Speaker view, and ScreenShare view). I use Videopad to add these three mp4's to 3 video tracks, dropping the Speaker into a Picture in a Picture and moving the speaker to a spot where their shared screen presentation is not blocked by the picture. That is when the distortion shows up, always as a black bar on top which goes away shortly afterwards. I then parsed the video to give a desired 6 minute section which has even more frequent distortions. That is the whole purpose of Videopad, to make the presentation more viewable than the raw files. I will have to send the project folder like your 2nd post instructions to Steve1124 in this thread.
  5. @borateBecause I have legacy DSL (just faster than dial up), it takes several hours to send the files. To be sure, do I <menu><file><Save Portable Project As...> or do I <Back Up Project Files to Folder>? @Steve1124 v10.36 has a bug which when you <next frame (right)> or <previous frame (left)>, it jumps you to the <previous or next clip edge> or even to the beginning or end of your timeline. However, I do all my editing on 10.52 and even though there are distortions in the Preview, Exporting on 10.36 avoids having the distortions in the final product (the whole goal).
  6. Ok, I will export the project and upload it shortly. I used 10.52 using the settings you recommended. Because the distortion showed in Videopad with 10.52, exporting the file showed the distortion. I downgraded again to 10.36. The distortion was gone in Videopad and I was able to export it without distortion. Give me time to upload the project.
  7. Specs: Pentium Gold G5400T CPU @ 3.10GHZ | Installed Intel UHD Graphics 610 | 12 gb RAM Zoom session was captured by the Zoom application Yes, I tested the suggestion with 10,49. Generally, it was garbage in, garbage out. If the distortion was on Videopad, then it would display on the Export. ie. the export mirrored any distortion seen on the Timeline and when I played back in Videopad. I don't have a real fast computer, so I don't spend the time exporting things extraneously. It had worked well just the week before with another project. I will try the same settings on 10.52, but Videopad program displays the distortion, then I expect the distortion to be on my export.
  8. v.10.52 came out. The distortion is still there. When I export to video (which is the whole purpose of using Videopad), I have to downgrade to v10.3x in order to get a distortion free output. Just advice for anyone who has similar issues.
  9. Thanks @Steve1124 for being persistent. I have had a similar problem with 10.49 editing a downloaded Zoom mp4 file. Things worked well with my first editing job. I then started a second editing job without changing anything on my hardware (because I was happy with the first job) and ran into similar problems. When @borate recommended using a prior version of Videopad, I used 10.36 because 10.47 also failed to work. v10.36 I did not get the distortion.
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