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  1. Thanks Borate - an ingenious solution. I will try these methods when I do my next project.
  2. Thanks Borate and Nationalsolo. Now I know how to easily show the original/parent clip although sometimes I have multiple edited clips from the same parent so this doesn't distinguish between them. To clarify my problem let me explain what I am doing now. Having taken 60 or so clips with my drone of a mountain village I go though and edit the best parts with the result that I have up to a hundred edited clips. I need to identify those which are similiar (eg flying over the village church) so I can position them next to each other and easily compare them. My method at the moment is to preview and write out a list of the edited clips (identified by duration) with a brief description of each. I then know that the ones with the church are those of length 8.241, 6.496, 7.847, 5.275, 11,386 etc. Then I have to find these clips among the hundred and move them so they are side by side and easily compared. Of course if I re-edit a clip i have to keep a note of the new duration and it is easy to lose track. This is a tedious process and I am sure there should be an easier way. It would help if I could label my edited clips (eg ch1, ch2, ch3 etc) or or at least just give them simple numbers. I will follow Borate's advice and submit a suggestion but for now I am struggling every time I go on a photoshoot.
  3. Thanks Borate - that helps a bit. At least it tells me the original source of an edited clip. Maybe such a feature could be incorporated into future versions of Videopad. Or perhaps I am the only uesr who would find it useful to name or flag edited clips.
  4. After editing my original video clips I have some 60 edited clips in the bottom (Storyboard) panel. But these are no longer labelled with the original clip filename and the only way to tell them apart is by the clip duration. So when going through the clips (for example to find ones which are similiar) I have to refer to them by the duration: 06.304, 09.524, 07.487 etc And of course if I re-edit these clips the duration may change which makes it hard to keep track. Is there any way to label or name edited clips to make it easier to sort them? Or at least to mark/tag several clips which can be grouped together? When processing multiple photos in Lightroom it is easy to flag similiar photos - is there anything like this for edited clips in Videopad?
  5. Apologies if this question has been answered in a previous thread but I searched the forum and could not find it. I want to make a video of a hiking event which involves a 10 minute talk by the walk leader. But instead of showing the speaker for the whole time I want to continue playing the audio of the speaker but switch to scenes from the walk itself and then back to the speaker. So the audio will be just the 10 minute speech but the visual will switch from the speaker to scenes from the walk and then back to the speaker and so on. How can I do this in Videopad? I am a new user so sorry if this sounds a silly question but I will be grateful for any advice.
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