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  1. Hi DavidH - I just got a notification about your post... Actually, the problems continued -- these problems and NUMEROUS other ones -- so problematic that I shot a video to give these guys a tour of what their software does and doesn't do. I never heard anything back, and uninstalled the program. I was on the free trial, so the pain of this could have been much much worse. What IS annoying is that this was the closest Windows solution that I could find to AudioHijack. And NCH has blown it. Sticking to Mac for tightly controlled audio capture situations. I'm sorry that I didn't follow up on my original post months ago.
  2. In spite of the language on SoundTap's landing page (ie: "Select the Stream"), I've just learned that SoundTap does NOT allow me to select a particular source app to ingest audio from (for example, Chrome vs. Twitch vs. Zoom etc.) That's what stream means to me. This ability must have been requested before, right? Is this a limitation with Windows? Is this in development? I was hoping that SoundTap could mimic what Audio Hijack does on a Mac. Does anyone have any advice? I'm stuck on a Windows machine. Thank you.
  3. Firstly, I've just installed the trial version of SoundTap on my Windows machine. I'm eagerly investigating this because it's supposed to be a Windows equivalent to Audio Hijack on the Mac. The documentation is incredibly minimal, I must say. I know that this isn't super complex software (I don't think), but even simple diagrams would help clarify what to do. My intention is to record from my Chrome browser. I've made my mp3 and target folder settings in the SoundTap Options window. Problem #1: Although I'm told to select one, I can't find anywhere to select my audio stream (ie. Chrome rather than Zoom, for example). But at the moment, all I care about is my Chrome session. Problem #2: TheYour First Recording docs tell me to "play a source of audio... You should receive a message in the status window indicating that audio streaming has started." Nothing shows up except "Successfully connected to driver" even though audio is currently playing. Problem #3: I click Start Recording and I see "Recording mode switched ON. Waiting for an audio stream to record." There already IS audio pouring out of my system. How can I make SoundTap recognize this? NOTE: I've tried starting Chrome first and then SoundTap, and vice versa. In neither case does SoundTap detect anything. Thank you!
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