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  1. Thank you. The crossfade keypoints were indeed clear but I would still expect the default behaviour to be a clean crossfade with volume levels combined instead ...
  2. I just downloaded Mixpad to have a low-resource alternative to my Cubase machine for when I'm on the go and to do some soundwave editing while on the road. One thing strikes me. When I play and then stop the cursor snaps back to its starting position. I want it to stay where I stopped. I know I can do this through pause (having learned from Audacity). Is there an option to have it stay where I stopped the playback? Also, I don't have the impression the bookmarks are magnetic and I would like them to show on the track instead of on the wave file? This makes it easier to align audio tracks. My usual flow of work when aligning audio tracks it to slide them to different tracks and then align them using the cursor, then expand/trim them until they blend well. This is very hard to with the current navigation system of Mixpad. But I like it though - the price seems very attractive and the options for something more than wavepad is very good. I especially like the option to crossfade tracks (even thought crossfading leaves me with a slight click at the start of the crossfade and the crossfade doesn't work really well in the sense that at the intersectin of the two fades, there is a loss of volume. Both tracks are reduced by 50% but together they should be 100%. Instead the combined volume of both tracks seem to be 50% at the point of intersection (when doing a 50-50 crossfade). Any way to resolve this?
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