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  1. @borate I noticed that in another forum post you stated that when you go premium updates are free for 6months and then you have to pay to upgrade after that... what kinda rates are you talking like $3-$4 or like you have to get a new license? because it looks like it is setup for a one time purchase for a lifetime key which is exciting and well worth the $100 but paying for updates is less exciting. If you could elaborate a little more on how it all works maybe I am missing some important details.
  2. Thanks guys for the quick response I like that this program does not take an extreme amount of processing power and the video cache is far superior to others that I have been trying out... I think I will be purchasing this editor just hope that those kind of bugs get sorted out quickly @borate @Nationalsolo🤙
  3. I just discovered that I can change the speed by manually setting the duration time but when I am attempting to change the speed% nothing happens at all increasing or decreasing % but when entering a set duration time it will calculate the speed increased or decreased to get to that set duration.
  4. I am working with version 10.48 I downloaded this program to to the most basic function and it wont work. I have tried right clicking and doing click speed change I have tried the video effect option I have tried unchecking this keep audio pitch and everything in between however I cannot get it to simply speed up or slow the clip down. I cant imagine that this is a premium only feature but if it is please let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone that knows what is going on and how it can be fixed. I am going to try uninstalling and doing another fresh install even though I have only downloaded it just 10 minutes ago.
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