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  1. I have a collection of photographs which I wish include in a "slide show" type display, with a few features. I have a domain and server space. There are currently about 78,300 jpg & mp4 files, but still growing, a bit over 200 GB 1) A given image may be included in more than one "show", e.g. photos taken in 2010 photos containing John Jones photos from the US photos from my Florida vacation etc., etc. 2) Because of 1), only one copy of each photo will be kept. 3) HTML MAP definitions or some equivalent can be used to cause information about people and things to be displayed. 4) The "show" can be stopped and restarted at any point, the hold-interval can be changed, when stopped next/previous buttons will be active. 4) Some photographs have images of inscriptions, usually the back of the original (scanned) picture. A button will allow these images to be shown when the "show" is paused. Can I use Photostage to create such shows?
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