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  1. I followed all of those steps. It doesn't matter how many clean backup versions I have if they can't survive the upload process. Please can you assist on how to get the correct link. I want to know why this is happening as to avoid it in the future. If clips are randomly changed at upload without my provocation and the best solution is I should have made more saves then this isn't the program for me. I've read the instructions, do I find this in Dropbox, Videopad, or YouTube? Thank you for your assistance sorry for the trouble.
  2. Yeah, I edited out the old flashing clips and everything was fine. I uploaded the project and now there are even more flashing clips. here's a link to the YouTube unless there's a way to just link to the actual project? https://youtu.be/lQm3YE-K-YY Thanks for the help. I'm only made one other video prior to this but didn't encounter this issue. Kind of crappy being a paid service (not the cheapest either.) Jay
  3. Yes. Actually I used a debut to record some YouTube video. I'm not directly using video just small little clips. The majority of them though flash. I didn't realize before but it's quite a few of them. How do I go about sharing the link to analyze? It's a very poor humor video I'm not sure I want to submit anyone to it though... Not dirty just not probably funny.
  4. I had just replaced a few clips (4) that completed a 15-minute project that includes video, images, text, and audio tracks etc. I was 7 minutes into the final playback before I uploaded the video and now a few of the clips flicker (flash) So far 1 still images and 1 video clip. I've checked through and none have any effects for motion/shake or anything other than position or scale It's incredibly frustrating having done so much and for some random thing like this to happen right at completion. I'm up to date on the version. It's only three clips out of the whole entire video. I thought maybe it'd be easier to change those out then going back to my last save. Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated! Also, sorry if that didn't make any sense, thanks Jay C
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