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  1. I had problems with the new Power Spec PC that was running Windows 10 that refused to load Express Scribe. I took the Power Spec PC back to Micro Center and exchanged it for a Dell. The Express Scribe software loaded on the Dell without any problem, so the issue must have been within the Power Spec PC.
  2. I have a new Windows 10 PC. I downloaded the only file I can find on the site, essetup.exe, and when I run it, I get the message: This app can't run on your PC To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher I was working with Express Scribe on my old Windows XP PC. I upgraded to the Pro version, but the only file I can download is essetup.exe and it won't run on my Windows 10 PC. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you
  3. Does the VPedal wireless foot pedal with USB dongle work with Express Scribe. I am using Win 7 and Express Scribe Pro 5.40 (purchased the software). Thank you.
  4. Hello again, I found a solution for playing previously non-playable .DSS files on my Windows ME computer. I followed the suggestions from "milkduds" in the post of 11/24/2008 titled "Express Scribe and .dss files - resolved??" Thank you milkduds!!!! The short version is: Load the .DSS file into a trial version of PowerPlayer, but don't actually play the file. Tell PowerPlayer that you are done with the file by clicking "Typed." PowerPlayer will convert the "Typed" file into a .Wav file that can be played by ES. Step by Step: Download the Trial Version of ECS PowerPlayer
  5. I tried loading the Philips software onto the Windows ME computer thinking the same thing you did, that the software would also load the codec, but alas the Philips software won't install with ME. I spent the day downloading codecs from free-codecs.com onto the Win ME computer but nothing has worked so far. Thanks for the idea though. I am hopeful that a solution will be found for this! Lauren
  6. Hello, I also cannot get DSS files to play with Express Scribe on one computer -- the one that has Windows ME. The same DSS files play just fine on my Windows XP computer. The files display but won't load, they look like they have 00:00 duration. Twice I have had a DSS file not load on my Windows XP computer. When that happened, I was able to use Philips Speech Exec Software (came with the recorder) to convert the file to a WAV file and Express Scribe was able to load and play the WAV file on the Windows XP computer. Unfortunately, the Windows ME computer cannot play that WAV file,
  7. Also, please add this to the problem list with v4.12: When you press F7 for rewind or F8 for fast forward, the ES screen comes up (if minimized). I have to press F6 to minimize each time I rewind. Also, taking my finger off F7 doesn't always stop the rewind (intermittent, sometimes it does). Thank you for fixing the Assign Hot Key problem from v4.11. I hope you can fix the rewind issue too!
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