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  1. Looks like the current version I have is "VideoPad Professional v 10.43" Couldn't tell you what the old version was as the new update has replaced it completely on my lap top The issue now seems to be happening for longer videos and better quality ones as well. I will try upgrading again and see what happens. thanks for the advice
  2. I import a video to edit from Youtube, and I play it in the Sequence Preview section but the video freezes after about 3 seconds while the audio continues. It also freezes in the Clip Preview section. I try to edit the video and it stays frozen. I reverse the footage and that works in relation to creating a video that doesn't freeze. But when when I import the reversed video and then reverse it again, it goes back to being frozen after a few seconds. It seems to happen mainly to lower quality videos and also shorter videos (no longer than 90 secs), but this is not an issue I have experienced in the past and I have been using this product for many years. I did recently pay for the upgrade which I am now regretting as I had never experienced this before with my "old" version.
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