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    How can this be

    Thanks Fred 28, My laptop is recovering a memory upgrade. As soon as I get it back I'll follow you advice. I can wait. So much stuff in my head I need to get down 👍
  2. Dame spell check. I'm talking about AISO drivers
  3. I have no so option when I click the wrench or anything else. Can anyone tell my what to do to get Audi drivers installed.
  4. rolf

    How can this be

    I am trying to use air192/4 interface with mixpad. How do I listen to the tracks I've already laid down so I can hear them whilst I'm recording an additional track. When I plug my fender Mustang 2 into mixpad I can monitor ok through headphones or external speakers but with air 192/4 I can't monitor stall. It's a pretty fundermentle part of recording. So any ideas. Also NCH techs are next to useless and I don't expect to have to pay extra for basic tech support so I may leave mixpad anyway.
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