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  1. The Crescando software combines all eighth note triplets (tuplets https://showbox.tools/) in two consecutive groups of 3 triplests. How do I separate the beams of the two groups of triplets, making two separate groupings of 3????
  2. I brought in a 6-channel wave file. When I add the clip to the sequence and play it back, you can see there are six audio meters. when i export the vid, Gspot shows the file as having only one mono audio track. I tried changing the export settings, no luck. I'm following the same process as when I started with a stereo wave file which has worked regularly. Does it need to have the surround effect turned on? I tried that, mapped the channels, etc. Same result https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/.
  3. Hi, New user here. Is there anyway to move multiple notes when laying out a score? At this point, I can only click and drag on one note at a time to, say, move it to make room for more notes. I see that I can shift-click on multiple notes to select them, but if I try and move them I end up just moving the one I click on to drag. I'm on a Mac. https://showbox.tools/ Thanks in advance! Cheers, Kabutoo.
  4. Hello (using v 8.91) I have inserted a simple text overlay of text. When trying to modify it after it is created I double click on it and the text editor appears as expected. Here I can change several things, some which work and some which don't: Works: https://1921681254.mx/ 1. outline 2. shadow 3. all the align features (left, center etc...) Doesn't Work: https://100001.onl/ 1. Font 2. Bold 3. Italics 4. Underline For the features which do work, when I change them the affects immediately appear in the clip preview. For the features which don't work, after making a change it simply reverts to the original values. Can this be confirmed?
  5. I want to export the audio track so that I can process it in another program and then re-import it. I have split the track many times, but I want to export the entire track, not just one clip. Can this be done? I am using the free version https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/. Thanks Kabutoo.
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