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  1. I downloaded Version 8.99 in December 2020 but when I want to use it now it is requiring me to register with a registration code. I want to use the free version. What should I do https://showbox.tools/?
  2. Hi All, I have tried to convert files with vw extension however after clicking the convert button in the program it attempts to convert however it would give a delete or cross mark on the file in the program and also in the extended information for the respective vw file it displays as https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ "The specified source format could not be read"... Request you to let me know what I should do to convert files with vw extension through switch sound file converter... Is there any plugin or so which when installed would convert vw files to was format... Also let me know if there is any othere software which could convert the entire folder of vw files to .wav or .dss formats...
  3. I have a nice sized, 150GBs plus, of .WMA music that I had when I was a PC user. I'm trying to convert it all to .MP3 so I can use it on my new Mac. Switch works awesome except for the fact that the first album I converted from .WMA to .MP3 is not recognized in iTunes. My guess is in the process of the conversion from https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/.WMA to .MP3, Switch removed the ID3 information? I don't want to manually enter all the album information for every .MP3 album I have once Switch converts them all. iTunes on Mac doesn't convert .WMA to .MP3, iTunes on PC does, but I don't have a PC anymore which is why I bought Switch to do this work for me. But now its only half of what I want as I need to keep the album information so I don't have to manually enter all this in. Do I need to request a refund for Switch if it doesn't do this?
  4. My Decibel bar at bottom of the screen only measures to -50db, actually -45db is the lowest actual number. https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ I need to see that my noise floor is no louder than -60db but cant find a way of seeing as low as this on any scale on the screen. Any thoughts anyone?. I have a masters 5.03 version of wavepad.
  5. Hi, I am trying to record a DJ mix from my Mixer master volume into my Line in on my laptop. All my mixer settings are correct and running from 'master out' via a phono to 3.5mm jack into my laptop https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps When I try to select stereo mix as a recording device, I hear a horrible stuttering sound that increases in volume. When I thereafter select line in as recording device, there is no recording processed. The only type of recording I am able to achieve is when the microphone is selected as the default recording device. Of course when this was played back......the sound was distorted. After trying to configure some settings, I am no longer able to hear any playback via Wavepad at all. This includes any existing recordings I have tried to edit. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. 1. Hello, everybody! 2. Sorry for my imperfect English - it is not my native language. 3. I have free Switch v.2.03 on Win7 Home Premium https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/. When I am trying ma4 file to convert to mp3 one, the mp3 file has too small size and lenght = 00:00:00 so it cannot be played. Who can help me? Thanks everybody.
  7. I am able to open .wav files with WavePad in general but now I am seeing problems when trying to open some files I used to open with GoldPlay 10+ years ago. I get error messages: "WavePad could not open the file ... for editing". First my file was named as sample1.in but it did not help even I renamed it as sample1.wav. What could be the problem? Files are 16bit mono files with Fs 8- or 16kHz. https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/
  8. I hope this is the right forum for this question. I'm brand new to use of WavePad, may well have overlooked something obvious . I have tried recently to import an MP3 file into WavePad, on two different PC computers, one running Win 7 and another running XP. It hangs every time, I end up having to kill the application. So I pulled the file back into Audacity https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/ (which was used to create it), and exported a new copy that utilised the older, more primitive, ID3V1 tags, rather than the newer, more flexible, ID3V2 tags I had been using. I was then able to import the ID3V1 version successfully into WavePad. So my question is, when, if ever, will WavePad be capable of handling MP3 files with ID3V2 tag formats? Thanks in advance...
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