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  1. I hope this is the right forum for this question. I'm brand new to use of WavePad, may well have overlooked something obvious . I have tried recently to import an MP3 file into WavePad, on two different PC computers, one running Win 7 and another running XP. It hangs every time, I end up having to kill the application. So I pulled the file back into Audacity https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/ (which was used to create it), and exported a new copy that utilised the older, more primitive, ID3V1 tags, rather than the newer, more flexible, ID3V2 tags I had been using. I was then able to import the ID3V1 version successfully into WavePad. So my question is, when, if ever, will WavePad be capable of handling MP3 files with ID3V2 tag formats? Thanks in advance...
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