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  1. Thanks then. I'll try that. I also found out how to use 'Clone Stamp'. Struggling, but I have got the idea. I'll try the 'free selection' and brightness though, I am sure I'll be able to handle that. Thanks again. Perc.
  2. Hi all. I have a portrait of a face, and the light has hit the subject to much on the cheeks, and forehead. I am trying to tone it down to the colour of the rest of the face. I have used free form to draw around the area of the forehead, then used Brightness to dull it down. Then I move to one of the cheeks to do the same, but as I do the forehead goes back to how it was. I was hoping, and I'm sure it is possible, to crop around all the areas glowing, and then click on the colour from the face I want the glows to become, and paste it on, or something similar. Can anyone teach me how to achieve what I am trying to do? Thanks in anticipation. Perc.
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