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  1. Having trouble attaching a picture, but I’m currently using the movile version on an iPhone 11. I can’t attach any file but I should mention that the waveform has this strange purple lining to it that I haven’t seen before. It’s probably unrelated. I should also mention that the muddy quality thing was the reason I upgraded to pro thinking that would solve the issue but it didn’t. So it’s not the pro version’s bug I know that for sure. Is that someway I can give you guys more spec info from the mobile version? Please help
  2. Hi, been using WavePad for at least 6 months now and have had little to no issue. I even bought the pro version. However, just this morning I have been having an issue where the app turns whatever file I add into a muddy mess. the strangest part is that the file I save after using the app sounds better too. It seems just to be a bug with the app itself. And before you ask, yes I uninstalled/re-installed the app and the problem persists. Someone please help!!
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