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  1. Also, with Golden Video's , videopad and either IMGBurn or VLC to burn, I should have everything I need to go from VHS tapes to DVD's? TIA Al
  2. Thanks on one of the forums I've on it was suggested to use that to edit, I couldn't see anything so I thought I'd check here. Thanks!!
  3. Can you edit a vhs Video file with Golden Video VHS 2 DVD converter? There are parts of the video I need to delete. tia Al
  4. Thanks much! A video would be great, much easier to follow for me anyway. I am using Golden videos VHS 2 DVD to convert to the computer. Then OBS Studios to edit, I did not know the Golden Videos would edit so I'll try that. Then I was using DVDFlick to burn to DVD. This all started when I first tried VHS2DVD Wizard, that worked, but the audio had a delay in it, their support help said to try Golden Video and it's been down hill since, almost had it but I like to use VLC and it didn't work with it, more suggestions and more confusion. Doing a search has given me e
  5. I am trying to convert VHS tapes to DVD, unfortunately I have little experience with this. I have Down loaded Golden Videos VHS2DVD to go from VHS to the computer, another program to edit/remove unwanted parts of tape and am using yet another program to make the CD's. It has been recommended to also use Prism Video Converter to complete the needed programs to edit and convert the VHS tapes to DVD. Can you tell me if this is correct? Or a better/easier way to do this? TIA I have probably 30 DVD's that are coasters now, so I would appreciate any help you could
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