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  1. It would be nice to be able to "link" multiple tracks effects rather than "unchecking" individual tracks as I do know. It works but nowhere as efficient in A/B senario. Example: We have now (Record | Mute | Solo | Effect | Monitor) Maybe we could include (Record | Mute | Solo | Effect | "Effect Link" | Monitor) Thanks in advance. -RG
  2. As a guitarist, I spend 90% of my time working/recording on the "Recording" tab and as such need to flip back-and-forth to the "Tools" tab to bring up the "Mixer" for more accurate dB measurements. In addition, I'll close out the "Mixer" while in session to gain a little more open workspace for viewing live session tracks. It would be a very nice convenience if the "Mixer" is located under the "Recording" tab. The "Mixer (v 7.32) is located under the "Tools" & "Mixing" tab. Thanks in advance. - RG
  3. Speaking to Windows 10: Young lady! I seem to be having the same issue as you. 🥶 VST (virtual studio technology) is quite the "industry standard" for a looooong time now. The MixPad directory structure and location of the files infrastructure is obviously simple. From my search, it appears that MixPad stores its homegrown effects (*.efc) files at local [C:\ProgramData\NCH Software\MixPad\en\presets]. However these (.efc - not MS Outlook) files apparently are proprietary predators. 🤑 I like the MixPad Visual EQ for custom LP/HP EQ but it's a bit awkward setting my own "QFactor" band
  4. Hello folks. I have two (double) guitar tracks using the same effect (ex: visual EQ). I'd like to "link" the effect so when I "uncheck" (or bypass) the effect on one track (or) the other track it simultaneously will "uncheck" the second associated track. At this moment I have to juggle (check/uncheck) between the two effects manually. Thank you in advance. - Rock Guitarist
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