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  1. Above didn't work and I thought about what other changes have happened to my computer in the last while. A Microsoft system patch 4/14/2021, uninstalled the one with this date, and low and behold, VP is functioning again.
  2. Thank you for responding. I am going to run the uninstall program again, hopefully will correct Registry settings again and then will reboot. Wasn't able to reboot last attempt as had a webinar to attend. Wondering if the registry was still active even tho settings were deleted. *fingers crossed*
  3. Still have this issue. Not sure why. The free uninstall got into my registry and cleared some items. Downloaded 10.32, started a new project with new video files and when I attempt to Export Video VP goes to (Not Responding) state again. It is almost like that secondary pop up status window is being blocked or hung and that causes the (Not Responding) state to occur.
  4. Thank for responding... I have tried two separate projects. For testing (the assorted versions of VP) I used one file off my Go_Pro and attempted to use it to Export Video and (Not Responding) state occurs for all. Attempting the free uninstall tool right now!
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    Thank you for this, I had the same Copyright challenge on my YouTube channel video. I will try this out!
  6. When attempting to Export Video VP goes into (NOT RESPONDING) state and remains. Licensed V10.32, v10.33, v10.34 (beta) all do the same. I have attempted to uninstall, reboot (WIN10) then reinstall but still the same. Was working fine for a month and suddenly DOA. Desperately seeking help to get my version working again.
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