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  1. Tom_Iphi

    Sound lost

    Hi, I have Videopad on two computers, V8.33 Professional on the one where the clip was captured and V8.80 Professional on where I noticed the problem. I have just tested both versions and I see the problem on both versions. Here is the link to the clip: https://www.file2send.eu/de/download/OSGasOlEi6wvttYDTBAIEIHrjcZfFCIaPL4oGiN9sOmTiazX9VXNbjFWP4ZYFL1o Thanks!
  2. Tom_Iphi

    Sound lost

    Hi, a while back I have captured a video clip from camera including sound with VideoPad. Now, I wanted to edit it also with VideoPad. I started editing before the sound was fully loaded and the exported result now has no sound. Then I started from scratch creating a new project importing the original film clip again and I still can get no sound. The original clip does contain sound when played with VLC player. How do I recover sound in VideoPad so I can edit the clip with sound? Tom
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