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  1. Hi @Chris75, that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! (Thanks to @EIB also, though I'm not using a microphone.) -Scott
  2. Maybe a dumb question, but how do I record in mono? I searched the manual, found a few posts about it saying to "press the Stereo button" (where is that?), or converting stereo to mono, but can't figure it out. Thanks! Scott
  3. Ahh well I think I figured this out, I needed some configuration of the ASIO4ALL device driver. Working now, thanks!
  4. Hi, I am new to WavePad. I am not getting stereo tracks when I record music from my USB turntable. I've been told that the native Windows USB input device does not support stereo, that I need ASIO4ALL. I've installed that and I see it from the Device list under the Recording tab but I'm unable to get a signal from it. The only one that I can record is the Microphone (USB Audio CODEC). Has anyone had this experience and is there a solution? Thanks, Scott
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