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  1. It was recorded at 1080p 16:9 30fps using Windows 10 Camera App. It took over 4 hours to upload to Google Drive - could it have become corrupted in the process?
  2. I have also PM'd you a link to a short clip of the previous video to demonstrate how it comes out after editing.
  3. Ok, that's not working, might not have enough space; I'm trying Google Drive instead. I'll send a link by mail, but the upload will take a couple of hours it says. New PM sent.
  4. As above. Origin MP4 file in perfect synch. As soon as loaded onto Videopad before trying to crop and edit, the synch has slipped. This is in a purchased up to date version of VP (10.24). I have also tried installing an older version (26-5-2020 8.45) of VP; I have also tried Beta version 10.26 and the same happens. I have emptied the disc cache. The post-editing output to MP4 is worse. This appears to be a recent development in the last couple of weeks - I have not had a problem before. What can I do to fix this? TIA!
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