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  1. SWITCH THE COMMANDS! I switched the RIGHT pedal to PLAY and the LEFT pedal to REWIND. Something is wrong with the middle button on the pedal. It makes the whole Infinity pedal freeze within seconds of pressing down. Go to SYNC>CONTROL>COMMAND MAP/TEST>CHANGE A COMMAND>change the left pedal and the right pedal to what you want it to do. Forget the middle pedal as it makes the Infinity Foot pedal freeze. I was having this problem too. So annoying. When I would plug in my Infinity foot pedal, after maybe 4 seconds, it would freeze. I was so mad that I broke my first pedal and purchased another one. That one started doing the same freezing up thing. Then I thought it was freezing because I got a new laptop and ended up f**king up my usb port in my new laptop smh. I gave up and put the pedal on the side. Today I have a transcript to work on and I was determined to make this dang pedal work. I read so many forums. I found this one and above, someone said to blow the dust out of it and that should work. I unscrewed it, opened it up, blew out the dust. Yeah, NO, it didn't work. My foot pedal is brand new so there's no dust. I blew it out, yes, but it did absolutely nothing. I also read above that someone said change the commands. Now, that person is a genius! I did just that. I switched the RIGHT pedal to PLAY and the LEFT pedal to REWIND. It's been a breeze blowing through this transcript with my trustee foot pedal. I knew it wasn't the pedal because it's brand new. I knew it wasn't my laptop because that's brand new as well. I don't know what it is that's making the middle button of the pedal freeze up. I use Express Scribe and FTW and the pedal froze on both softwares, so I don't know what is wrong. But I do know that once you change the commands, it will work or has been working for me. For anyone else who tries this method, tell me what you think. I hope it helps y'all like it helped me. Happy transcribing!
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