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  1. Here's the exact wording of the message: Did Express Scribe hang or crash when last run? Click "It Crashed" if Express Scribe failed. Click "Something Else" if it was because of something else (a hard logoff for example) or if you did not notice anything wrong or don't remember. And then you have to choose either "It Crashed" in which it prompts you to answer some questions or "Something Else."
  2. I'm using ES 10.01, though I've had this issue with other versions as well. Almost every time I try to play a new audio, I get an error message asking me if the program crashed the previous time I used it. I've had this on multiple computers. I just have to click "Didn't crash" (or something like that) and then it opens, but it's an extra step each time. Has anyone else had and overcome this problem?
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