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  1. (I got the same error on the 32-bit release) "An application file could not be written. Please close all other applications and run the installer again" when i try closing all other applications i get the same thing i think i might just stop using videopad
  2. I can't even get the download. It said to close all other applications. Then, I did! Wow! But then I got the same error message. Do I just have a bad computer? image
  3. Videopad has really gone downhill since i used to use it. I always used to use Videopad to edit my videos, but now it's completely broken. Here are some things that show you how horrible Videopad got: You can't do anything. If you get the normal version, you can make one video. And that's all. after that, it goes: "BUY THE FULL VERSION ERUDHBFRIJGDF" so I have to reinstall the whole program to continue existing. If you get the non-commercial use version (i obviously don't use it for commercial use, I just like making youtube videos), then you can't use any audio effects AND you can't export. I THOUGHT THE WHOLE POINT OF THE FRICKING PROGRAM WAS MAKING VIDEOS. If you do manage to get your well-worked-on video exported, it's not even worth it. When you get your video exported, you see something horrible. Either it glitches horrendously, or it flickers out every 0.62 seconds. Maybe ya dirty animals could fix your software.
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