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  1. Hi The problem is NOT "images not exported", the problem is "imported images will NOT export as a video on occasion" This, in my experience, happens when they are of different sizes Bob
  2. 10.4 KB (10,664 bytes) I have just tried some other images and they worked! The images that do NOT work are actually in ARGB format so instead of each pixel taking up 24 bits, these are 32 bit pixels so that may be the problem? So the bitmap file is 1024 X 577 and total file size of 2,363,446 1024 X 577 X 4 = 2,363,392 with a header of 54 as per usual. Update Some of the 32 bit pixel files work so back to square one -0-0- Right! I think I have (maybe) solved this problem The images that don't turn into a video file are of different sizes (because I have run them through a program I am writing that rotates them and does stuff) Once I made them all the same size it worked so that may well be the problem ... maybe tell your programmers so if that is the problem they can tell people as the images are input (or just reprocess them to the same size) UPDATE Have tried a lot of examples and am almost certain that importing different sized images screws up the Video export ...
  3. Done that but directory listing is not permitted HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory. But the folder only seems to contain a tiny .isq file which lists the photos when I look inside using a Hex Editor ... or are there other hidden files?
  4. Sorry but I do not have time to waste like that I can send you the images by FTP or put them on one of my web sites but as for wasting hours trying to fathom out the above that will not happen
  5. I am using version V10.18 - paid for! As for the rest of your instructions I am totally baffled I can email something to you or FTP it but as for using Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc I have not got a clue where to start Public Link? What?
  6. I import a load of images and they display perfectly as a video and act as a video. But when I export I get a tiny little file that ends in .mp4 but is NOT a video It used to work most of the time but (ie I have turned inages into an exported video in the past) but now it TOTALLY refuses to work My guess is that if I restart my laptop from scratch it MAY work but that should not be necessary and is a huge pain -0-0- Just restarted laptop and still not working And when I try to reverse the video as a test it totally disappears Clearly a bug ... I am a programmer by background so I sympathise but as a user this creates a big problem for me I can send you images and copies of the duff files created if that helps ... Update I have just imported a video, turned it into images and then imported the images and that DOES create a valid video. So, for some reason, your software does not like my images!
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