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  1. I purchased from NCH directly. I followed the link provided and input my email and was sent my registration code within seconds... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! NOTE: When you install with a registration code, it gives you the option to copy it to a usb; Do that so you don't end up back here like I did.
  2. So I appreciate you providing me with a link to the versions - When I download version 10, it says my serial only works with version 9. when I download version 9, it says it only works with version 8. Version 8 says, (You probably guessed it) it only works with version 7. I purchased my serial key on "16-Jul-2020 01:44:00 GMT-04:00" which If Im not mistaken is: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/videopad-8-56-2020-06-23.exe or http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/videopad-8-62-2020-07-17.exe and neither are working with my serial key. The format is ###-###-#### Am i not using the correct serial key? Otherwise, How to I re-obtain my serial key? Its not in my email.
  3. Hi, I read that using a serial key twice will result in the serial being banned... Can I only use once or can someone let me know if they've installed with their serial twice and this wasn't an issue? Edit: I do have proof of purchase btw. My serial key is also for version 9, and I can't find the download link.
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