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  1. Thanks for the reply Yes, I amusing an external headset/microphone. The thing is I don't remember this happening before. I have been talking to this client for a long time using the same setup and I was always recording both sides of the conversation. I will check the power settings though
  2. I use Soundtap to record my client conversations when using a couple of applications,. One application I use is QQ International. The client side is recorded and my microphone is recorded at the start of the session but at some point it stops being recorded. It still works as my client can still hear me. Sometimes I can close Soundtap and restart it and the microphone will be picked up but it usually stops being recorded later in the conversation. When using WeChat, sometimes the system will drop the microphone and the client cannot hear me so he will restart the application which will enable us to resume talking and recording. When this happens there is usually a "warbling" tone being recorded which I have to edit out when I put the audio recordings together to send to the client. I don't remember this happening in the past especially with QQ.
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