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  1. Thank you for these replies. I now realise that the file size is 2.14GB, I put the point in the wrong place! The files were converted from the DVD using the VLC 'convert/save' file in the media window and play using VLC media player without any poblem. My version is V8.97 I have uploaded the file to OneDrive but when I hit share it asked me for an email address. Sorry to be a bit slow, you will have to forgive me; I can use commercial programmes but may stuggle with other things. I have tried to put in some screen shots but can't find a way of doing this - nothing on the bar above.
  2. I have a large video file (MEPEG-4 Movie mp-4) on my hard drive (214GB) which is made up of a number of individual home videos down loaded from a DVD. When I add the file to the video file box on the editing screen only the first video (4’48”) appears in the box. When I go back to the original files, they all play straight through from the beginning. I can find no way of getting the other videos onto the editing screen. Has anyone any thoughts please? - Keith
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