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  1. The problem is it needs to be at 15 (or something equally low) because there is commentary over the video. Is there a better way to adjust the volume? This was never an issue with the other videopad versions. Thanks
  2. Yes I did. It unfortunately did not work. I messaged you the files. Let me know what you come up with
  3. Thank you, but this did not fix it. Did you also export the video? The audio sounds fine in Videopad. The pop sound only shows up in the exported video. I will get you the videopad file shortly if you cannot replicate the problem. In all 4 videos I’ve made since updating to v10 this has occurred once exported.
  4. I recently upgraded from v8 videopad to v10. I have an issue when applying a crossfade to video clips. Whenever the crossfade is applied (default settings, also applies to audio), it sounds and works fine in Videopad. Once exported, there is a noticeable audio pop at every crossfade. Is this something the bug team is aware of? This didn’t occur on my version 8 and only started happening once I upgraded. The issue has to be in the export process because there is nothing wrong in the Videopad file.
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