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  1. Can you have VideoPad on TWO Computers at the same time With THE SAME CODE. OR can you put a FREE version on one Computer and pay for a full version on the other computer ??
  2. My version I have now is V9.02. I can't make different video chapters, ONLY One Chapters Set shows up ON Version 10.03 CAN you make chapters for each Video ??
  3. YES Importing DVDRW, VOB Files to Video Pad Professional v 10.18. I'm on the Pay every 3 mo's plan
  4. I transfer my old VHS Tape to a DVDRW disk. Using a Panasonic DMR-EZ475V unit. When I go to Edit in videopad, sometimes I get NO VIDEO or Audio Track. But when I play back the DVD transfer itself is OK, and it has both. This happens only once it a while. WHY?? Getting very frustrated !!
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