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  1. I shot the video before having my bath in the morning the day I shot it and I had some Lofnac gel on my head because of a swelling, so the denoise effect was to kind of hide the imperfections (the oil on my head, my unbrushed beard, e.t.c. Me deciding to do a retake on the video is not only time consuming/time costly, but I would not be able to give out the same message as organically and as deep as I did before. The message delivery was perfect (straight from the heart) it's just appearance of the person who shot it. Of course have learnt my lesson but i don't really know what to do at this point.
  2. Yes it was for the entire project. Am guessing I was just supposed to go online, search for one drive from there and the rest is history. The Backup folder size is 1.31GB Sir and I do not have access to a WIFI network here as am from Nigeria. It's mobile data we use here (most people) and it's actually very cost intensive.
  3. Hi hello so I have backed up but I really don't know how to go about uploading it as have never done it before: through those channels. Pls can you put me through on how to go about it, if it isn't much trouble? In the meantime I'll also find out how to go about it on my own. Thank you.
  4. So I should try and do what you are asking me without the denoise stuff? Am kind of afraid it will be stressful though.
  5. It was first applied to a clip and then the clip refused to keep on playing without lagging, thereafter I tried applying to all (the entire clip) before saving in hopes that the software will smoothing everything while trying to save it but the time..
  6. Thank you. But first of, I don't really understand the Upload: Google drive, MS one drive part. Next of I was just trying to save the video first, let me see if it was going to be Smooth and Non-laggy eventually (the output) before i saw your replies and for over 4hrs 2% had not even completed in the video saving/export. The last % I saw it in was 1.5%. The last duration I saw that had completely been processed by VideoPad via the export was 20 secs no cap. I finally decided to terminate everything but I made my last save. Now with the delay in saving would uploading it via what you said not even waste more time, won't it take forever?
  7. Chevron?? That Coffee break didn't work even after a lot of hours. I closed it and opened it later still.. "Sequences tab above the bin (top-left)??"
  8. When I applied video effects on my video specifically denoising to clean up, my video started lagging, stuttering and all of the above I mentioned in the title. I really don't like this, why is this!? I wish this wasn't so. Only a part of the selected clip was eventually able to play with the denoise effect the rest Zero, i.e that's where the inconsistencies started: lagging, stuttering, blackscreen, e.t.c. Secondly I found out that in the simple text overlay template in videopad in the "Add Text" button, I was unable to change the font size from 20 to another figure after several attempts of trying to, I was only able to do so when I used another text layout/template. The former is more important for me though right now. PS: I thought Videopad supported average system requirements.
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