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  1. The drag, insert, and close the gap method works great, the only problem is that if you have started to edit around 30 clips and you realize that you have forgotten a clip and you want to put it between two others, it will take a whole lot of time to drag every single clip out of the way, insert your new clip, and drag everything back. When I've tried to drag the clip and let it lock on between the two clips, it will not lock between them and instead overshadow and cut off part of the second clip (I might be doing it wrong, but that's just what happens with me). What I like to do to fix this issue is to (left) click the second clip of the two you want to insert your new video between. A list will come up, and the last thing is 'offset'. Memorize that number, then go up to where the cursor section is, and type that same number into the box to the right of the word 'cursor'. This will place the cursor at the exact position between the two clips, so when you click 'place on sequence at cursor' there will be no extra frames.
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