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  1. Thank you for your help. I reinstalled the software today and its seems to be working properly.
  2. Thank you for your response. I appreciate you trying to help me, but who exactly can I contact who actually does know when or if this software will be ever be fixed? What is your relationship to this company, and how did you get your information that the software is temporarily down and will supposedly be restored in a few days? I redownloaded the software today, like you suggested in the email you sent me. However, the issue is not, as you said, resolved. It is malfunctioning in exactly the same way as it was before.
  3. Thank you for your help. I will attempt to redownload the paid version in a couple of days. Please let me know when the issues with the software have been resolved, if that is possible.
  4. Since purchasing and down loading the paid version, I have not been able to open or import any video files. They are mp4 files and they worked perfectly in the free version. I have tried updating windows and reinstalling the software, and this did not work. I have tried running it "as administrator." This also did not work. I tried deleting the free version. This did not work. I tried deleting the free and paid version, then reinstalling the paid version. This did not work. I then reinstalled the free version, and that stopped working (it worked perfectly before I paid the 100 dollars for the full version). Then, I reinstalled the the paid version and it still doesn't work. I also noticed that the paid version automatically cropped my video without permission or explanation (this did not happen in the free version originally but it does now, after the reinstall ). Audio and picture files seem to upload without a problem, it just won't import any sort of video. I am using videopad version 10.17. My computer is a surfacebook pc running windows 10. I don't know if any of that information helps, but maybe it will give some one clue about what the problem might be. I am desperate for a solution. If you have any ideas about how I might correct this video importing error, please let me know.
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