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  1. Thank you much. The more I learn about navigating around here , the easier it gets. Thanks.
  2. I can not record anything because my audio settings say I have M-Audio Air 192/6 ASIO as a playback device , and DS/MSS as a recording device. I am running Windows 10 with a 192/6 M-Audio interface. My recording options keep listing [ASIO] M-Audio 192/6 Air Asio as my recording device , and M-Audio Air 192/6 ASIO also as my playback device. So what is this DS/MSS setting that is apparently keeping me from recording. I know it sounds confusing , but I have tried every setting I can think of. Please help.
  3. Hey. New here. Really like the set up and sound here. Having a problem converting mono track to pan to both speakers. Would like them to be centered out of both speakers. Would really appreciate any help.
  4. I am new to this program , I apologize early for the confusion. I`m really liking the whole concept of composing and editing with so many tools in one place. I use windows 10 12
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