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  1. Sounds good. The Unlicensed one will work for the interim until the Microsoft Build gets fixed. Edit: the primary thing is that this bug is common and being remedied.🙂 -0- Posted March 12 This has been resolved 🙂 Using the unlicensed version was very frustrating but today was able to attempt adding MP4s to Microsoft build and it is working.
  2. Yes I have tried going to the Microsoft Store, uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. Other options suggested aren't applicable as I do not have registrations codes.
  3. I've been using VideoPro for a few months now, with about 130 videos done. This morning I encountered a new issue, when dragging a file (MP4) to videopad i encountered an error message stating "Failed to Load File." Looking around I'm seeing a few others with this issue but not the solution to their plight. Potentially relevant information. I have tried other video types, no success. I have tried Music Files, they seem to 'Load' okay enough. I have tried clearing the cache using OPTIONS-Disk-"Clear Unused Cache Files" I have tried uninstalling and re-installing. I have ownership, though no license, as VideoPad was purchased in the windows store (Dumb me) I tried downloading it and using the temporary version off of the website and it totally worked, only unlicensed and not a permanent solution. Last video created was made yesterday 3/4/21, and issue arose today on 3/5/21. Thank you for any assistance possible.
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