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  1. For a while, I had a nice little bit of software that worked ... slowly, but it worked. Now I have this horrible unreliable monster that keeps changing every few weeks, creating greater problems where there were manageable ones before. Even if I was to bother typing out where I struggle, I bet your response would be the usual, save, backup, reinstall, blah blah blah .... but it's not really worth it.
  2. Also, I don't know if this is helpful .... <a href="https://ibb.co/zFGQP1s"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/NrZtWXx/Clipboard01.jpg" alt="Clipboard01" border="0"></a> https://i.ibb.co/NrZtWXx/Clipboard01.jpg
  3. nutineil

    Using mask

    Okay, thanks Nationalsolo I'll try it tomorrow.
  4. nutineil

    Using mask

    Okay, another problem with 10.17 that I din't have before. If I have a mask on a layer, when I click on it to edit and make an adjustment, the layer disappears, so I cannot see anything on the preview screen.
  5. I did see such a window pop up a couple of times, I think it was version 10.16 but it is not happening with 10.17 It's not a big problem. Cheers
  6. Yeah, I noticed there was 20GB+ extra in my C drive this morning before I did my usual clean up. Hi borate, is there an option for the cache to clear automatically on shutdown?
  7. Hi borate, is there an option for the cache to clear automatically on shutdown?
  8. GDS What I would do and I know this is long winded, but could you save several projects of different sections of the film and then combine them after they are all rendered? So maybe have 5 x 15 minutes in each separate project, AS WELL as the original?
  9. Nah, just put in a longer video and it's doing it again. Seems to stop loading after a couple of minutes of a clip. I'll send another file in a short while, just waiting to see if I'm not giving it long enough to render the preview (if that's what is happening, I'm not very well educated in this field 🙃)
  10. Okay, i'll do that, but also, thanks for changing that little icon that floats along with the cursor when scrolling along the timeline; it was doing my head in as I kept clicking on it my mistake.
  11. Thank you very much. That appears to have done it 😎
  12. Hi. No different, the video track is blank but the audio is there. I had only just bought and loaded the 10.16 so am disappointed.
  13. Hi, I updated an older version of videopad to the latest and found that a lot of my clips will no longer load, whereas they did in the old version. The MP4 clips were quickly edited in 'Bandicut' so I guess something is missing from that process. However, my older version of Videopad accepted them. What can I do?
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