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  1. Oh I see, I was wondering if that was the reason, nothing in the video track. It never used to do that, I am in the habit of recording audio, editing that, then adding the images/video to that. Ok so working as intended then? Is there any reason the left/right can be made to scrub over the audio as well?
  2. However I just upgraded t o 10.48 AND IN SEQUENCE 1 the next/prev frame button or left/right arrow keys do not skip to the next frame of the video. It sometimes it does nothing at all, other times it skips to the end of the video snippet if I only have audio with no video yet. In SEQ 2 it does work correctly. Here is a video of the function not operating correctly in the second part of the editing https://youtu.be/Vh9FM3PRRJ4
  3. Hi guys, since V10.34 I have been having an issue with the Prev/Next frame function. Both with left/right arrow key or the Prev/Next buttons, when in the primary sequence, sometimes the red line jumps WAY BACK. Sequence 2 seems to be ok and then going back to seq 1 is now acting right. Hmmmmm I will provide a unlisted video. https://youtu.be/bJAgqts7Dpc Thanks
  4. There is one problem I have with that.... https://prntscr.com/10e9yf2 I don't have a chevron. Ver 10.17 BTW -0-0- OK I had downloaded vpsetup.exe and that didn't have the chevron Then I downloaded VideoPadVideoEditor.exe from a different part of the NCH website. Guess what? I now have a chevron beside the Templates button. Both were V 10.17 btw.
  5. The name change is fine, but the missing "Save as Template" is kind of annoying. Well the name changed to Templates from Video Maker Wizard. BUT it still doesnt allow me to save a new project template, neither does it show my current project template.
  6. So how do I save a new project template in V10.17? Yeah, I dont have a TEMPLATE button guys.
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